2010664 New Holland BEACON

2010664 BEACON New Holland

Buy New Holland BEACON 2010664 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
LM410, LM420, LM430, LM630, LM640 BEACON
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AMS Automotive 201-0664 Ceramic Brake Pad, 4 Pack

19 Mar 2020

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AMS Automotive 201-0664 Ceramic Brake Pad, 4 Pack
Constraint Layered Shims: Engineered to dampen vibration, a steel shim with a rubber coating is attached to each pad. || Dependable Formulations: Semi-metallic and ceramic formulas that provide smooth braking characteristics and strong rotor life. || Slotting and Chamfering: Matched to OE design, slots and chamfer are utilized for continued performance and noise-free braking || Attaching Hardware: Piston clips, hold-down clips, and wear sensors are securely riveted onto all necessary applications. || Our ceramic formula is designed as a low-dust, quiet material, that also provides reliable stopping characteristics
Number on catalog scheme: 12

Compatible models:

LM  LM410   LM420   LM430   LM630   LM640   Holland

New Holland machinery list:

New Holland parts catalog
LM410 - TELEHANDLER 6.0M/2.8T (7/98-12/01)
LM420 - TELEHANDLER 6.0M/3.2T (6/98-12/01)
LM430 - TELEHANDLER 7.0M/3.0T (10/98-12/03)
LM630 - TELEHANDLER 7.0M/3.0T (10/98-12/03)
LM640 - TELEHANDLER 9.0M/3.0T (10/98-12/03)

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76088094 New.Holland
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