0.149[02] - INJECTION EQUIPMENT - PIPING 00 - GENERAL EPC New Holland online

Parts on group :

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
1. VA31A6101010 [3]   NOZZLE HOLDER  
101. NS [3]   NOT SERVICED  
102. VA0931751810 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751830 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751850 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751870 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751890 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751910 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751930 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751950 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751970 [AR]   WASHER  
102. VA0931751990 [AR]   WASHER  
103. VA0931270360 [3]   SPRING  
104. VA0931210380 [3]   PIN  
105. VA0931740070 [3]   SPACER  
106. VA0934006650 [3]   NOZZLE  
107. VA0931641351 [3]   NUT  

Parts catalog :

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