10268450 New Holland PLUG

10268450 PLUG New Holland

Buy New Holland PLUG 10268450 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
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0.99 USD

* Intake Mainfold Tapered Plug 20x1.5x11 for Lada Niva Lada 2101-2107 10268450

PartsForLada from Ukraine
1.99 USD

Lada Niva Laika Riva 2101-2107 Intake Mainfold Tapered Plug 20x1.5x11 10268450

Ladapower from Ukraine
4.0 USD

Ferrari Part 10268450 PLUG 20 X 1,5

allferrariparts from Cleveland,OH,USA
Number on catalog scheme: 10268

Compatible models:

FD  FD20   Holland

New Holland machinery list:

New Holland parts catalog
FD20 - CRAWLER DOZER (1/66-12/88)

Parts plug New Holland :

14325501 PLUG
D150, D180, D255, D350, DX145, DX175, DX195L, FD10E, FD145, FD175, FD20, FD255, FD30B, FD30C, FL10E, FL145, FL175
79009833 PLUG
D255, D350, FD20, FD255, FD30B, FD30C
10275040 PLUG
D255, FD20, FD255, FL14E, FL175, FR160, FR160.2
4977118 PLUG
D255, FD10E, FD20, FD255, FD30B, FL10E, FL14E, G170, G200, W170, W170PL, W190, W230, W270
14324901 PLUG
D255, D350, DX145, FD10E, FD20, FD255, FD30C
10276740 PLUG
D350, DX145, DX175, DX195L, FD10E, FD145, FD175, FD20, FD30B, FD30C, FL10E, FL145, FL14E, FL175, FR130, FR160, FR160.2, FR220
14323911 PLUG
D350, DX145, DX175, DX195L, EX135, FD10E, FD175, FD20, FD30C, FL10E, FL14E, FL175, FR100, FR130, FR130.2, FR160, FR160.2, FR70, FR90, LM410, LM420, LM430, LM630, LM640, W110, W130, W130PL, W90
4753563 PLUG
DX145, FD10E, FD20, FD30C, FL10E, FR100, FR130, FR130.2, FR160, FR160.2
4595833 PLUG
DX145, DX175, FD10E, FD175, FD20, FL10E, FL14E, FL175
79000019 PLUG
DX145, FD20, FD255, FD30B, FD30C, FL14E, FR160, FR160.2, FR220, FR220.2
14328701 PLUG
FD20, FL14E, FR160, FR160.2
14323811 PLUG
E165, EX135, EX135W, EX165, EX165W, EX215, EX215W, EX235, EX255, EX285, EX355, EX455, FD20, FH130W.3, FH150W.3, FR130, FR70, FR90, LB75CP, LM410, LM420, LM430, LM630, LM640, RH, W90
4723150 PLUG
FD20, FD30B, FD30C, FL14E
79045920 PLUG
FD20, FR160, FR160.2, FR220, FR220.2
79046974 PLUG
FD20, FD30B, FD30C
73116869 PLUG
FD20, FD30B, FD30C
9929739 PLUG
FD20, FD255, FL14E
73117042 PLUG
FD20, FD30B, FL14E
70910231 PLUG
F140, F170, F200, FD20, FD30B, FD30C, FL14E, G140, G170, G200
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