271495 New Holland RELAY

271495 RELAY New Holland

Buy New Holland RELAY 271495 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
RH, RH120C, RH170, RH200, RH30E, RH40E, RH90C RELAY
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04 May 2021
22.3[10.04] Pounds
Monroe Shocks & Struts 271495 Strut Assembly
Monroe Pre-Assembled Upper Strut Mount: OE-style bearings, SAE-grade nuts & bolts, Superior rubber-to-steel bonding, Plated steel for longer wear, All components manufactured to meet or exceed OE performance || New bearing plates help ensure consistent, precise steering by eliminating "memory steer. " Helps eliminate steering noises commonly associated with worn or corroded bearings. || The new upper spring seat provides consistent performance without transmitting noise or vibration into the chassis. Supports the vehicle's weight and helps offset the spring in the strut tower. || Each coil spring is manufactured from high-quality U. S. steel, and is precisely calibrated to support the vehicle's weight and help ensure correct ride height || Boot Kit: The durable strut boot protects the strut rod and seal from dirt and debris. The premium bumper prevents component damage when the suspension bottoms out
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New Holland parts catalog
RH CITY - CRAWLER EXCAVATOR - FROM SN 99000 TO 99499 (5/93-12/05)
RH120C - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 72701 TO SN 72999 (6/95-12/98)
RH170 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 77000 TO SN 77199 (6/95-12/98)
RH200 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 40000 TO SN 40099 (6/95-12/98)
RH30E - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 72560 TO SN 72700 (1/97-12/98)
RH40E - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 42001 TO SN 42199 (6/95-12/98)
RH90C - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 73001 TO SN 73499 (1/96-12/98)

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MH6, MH6.5, RH120C, RH170, RH200, RH400, RH90C
788210 RELAY
RH120C, RH170, RH200, RH25, RH30E, RH40E, RH90C
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