705444 New Holland SPACER

705444 SPACER New Holland

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03 Oct 2019
17.0[7.65] Pounds
-: -
Helix 705444 Drop 9 Hole Push Button (5.5" WH)
Column Style : Roadster || Column Finish : Raw Stainless || Tilt : No || Keyed : No || Tube Diameter : 2 Inch

10 Dec 2019
12.9[5.40] Pounds
-: -
Snoop's Premium Nutrients 705444 Bloom B Circulating (Hydro Recirculating) 5 Liter
When using our circulating nutrients your waste water usage is significantly reduced || The recipe is tailor made taking into consideration the fact the nutrients pass through the root zone multiple times || When nutrients pass through the root zone the cation NH4+ is always take first which depletes it each time the feed water recirculates
Number on catalog scheme: 10

Compatible models:

L778   Holland

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L778 - NH SKID STEER LOADER (7/76-7/80)

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