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200448 SPRING New Holland

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22 Dec 2021

CN: HelongTech
LIMICAR Cylinder Head Gasket Full Set Compatible with 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Silverado Tahoe GMC Yukon Envoy Buick Cadillac 4.8L 5.3L
LIMICAR FIT FOR: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Silverado Tahoe GMC Sierra 1500 Yukon Envoy Buick Cadillac Trailblazer 4.8l 5.3l V8 Cylinder Full Gasket Set || SPECIFICS: LIMICAR Head Gasket prevents liquids and gases from escaping into adjacent cylinders and the surrounding oil and coolant galleries.The purpose is to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders.They are designed without a metal core, to allow engine builders to trim the gasket for exact fit on modified ports. || FUNCTION: LIMICAR Head Gasket Set are designed to save money by giving the technician the exact gaskets needed for installing an already reconditioned or fully assembled head. LIMICAR Head Gasket systems can withstand high pressures, high temperatures and aggressive media of a car. LIMICAR give technicians not only the gaskets the project requires, but the very best technology available. || Package Inclued: Multi-layered Steel(MLS) Head Gaskets; Intake Manifold Gaskets; Exhaust Manifold Gaskets; Valve Cover Gaskets; Viton Valve Stem Seals; O-Rings; Other Small Gaskets And Seals; Timing Cover Gasket; Engine Oil Pan Gasket Set. || NOTICE: 1 Year Warranty. Please check the description and compatibility chart before your purchasing. All the products have been inspected before sending out. Instruction is not included. Professional installation is highly recommended. Any questions, please feel free to contact with us.
Number on catalog scheme: 5

Compatible models:

MH  MH3C   MH4   MH5   MH6  
RH  RH4   RH6   RH9   Holland

New Holland machinery list:

New Holland parts catalog
RH4 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 48121 TO SN 48360 (1/79-3/80)
RH4 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 48361 TO SN 48690 (4/80-11/82)
RH6 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 84151 TO SN 84699 (8/80-11/82)
RH9 - CRAWLER EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 92001 TO SN 92600 (1/96-12/00)
MH3C - WHEEL EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 60571 TO SN 64000 (6/79-12/85)
MH4 - WHEEL EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 281251 TO SN 281599 (5/79-9/82)
MH4 - WHEEL EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 281600 TO SN 281910 (5/79-9/82)
MH5 - WHEEL EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 93771 TO SN 94120 (1/97-12/10)
MH6 - WHEEL EXCAVATORS - FROM SN 284571 TO SN 284900 (12/80-9/82)

Parts spring New Holland :

A35, A40, A50, G12, G130, G14, G170, G350, MH3C, V20, V25, V30, V35, V40, V45, V45C, V50, V60
GT-9, MH4, MH4S, MH5, MH5-C, MH6, RH11, RH12C, RH12D, RH4, RH5, RH6, RH6-22, RH8, RH9
945351 SPRING
MH4, MH5, MH6, RH11, RH12C, RH4, RH6, RH9
597205 SPRING
RH4, RH5, RH6, RH9
MH4, MH5, MH5-C, MH6, RH5, RH6
58107 SPRING
MH6, RH6, RH9
A35, A40, A50, MH6, V35, V40, V45, V45C, V50, V60
MH3C, MH4, MH5, MH6
755854 SPRING
MH4, MH5, RH4
251330 SPRING
RH30C, RH75A, RH75C
RH30C, RH40C, RH75A, RH75C
1187116 SPRING
RH30C, RH30D, RH40C
200219 SPRING
RH30C, RH40C, RH75A, RH75C
597205 SPRING
RH4, RH5, RH6, RH9
251641 SPRING
RH4, RH6, RH9
1416784 SPRING
MH3C, MH4, MH4S, MH5, MH5-C, MH6, RH4, RH5, RH6
937215 SPRING
MH3C, RH4, RH5
1753101 SPRING
GT-9, MH4, MH6.5, RH4, RH6, RH6-20, RH6-22, RH8, RH9
1445590 SPRING CUP
GT-9, MH4, MH6.5, RH4, RH6, RH6-22, RH8, RH9
777730 SPRING
GT-9, MH4, MH6.5, RH4, RH6, RH6-20, RH6-22, RH8, RH9
728450 SPRING
MH, MH4, MH4CS, MH4S, MH5, MH5-C, MH5.5, MH6, MHS, RH4, RH4CS, RH4PLUS, RH5, RH5.5, RH6
1431782 SPRING
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