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Request #1208337
Created 17-09-2023
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New.Holland 86548586 INDICATOR 1
Trying to find alternative to the thin metal washer (which is notched) under the main washer which is under the wire connection at the back of the indicator (outside case). Please advise.
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Parts request New.Holland:

Request #1213467  Australia Victoria 26-09-2023
87553795 New.Holland CONTROL VALVE
Request #1213462  United States of America Kansas 26-09-2023
E9NN17K624AA New.Holland MOTOR-PUMP
E9NN17K659AA New.Holland GROMMET
Request #1213427  United States of America Wisconsin 25-09-2023
85801250 New.Holland BREATHER
Request #1213326   25-09-2023
67156 New.Holland KNIFE
Request #1213216   25-09-2023
67156 New.Holland KNIFE
Request #1213157  Canada Saskatchewan 25-09-2023
76066242 New.Holland INSTRUMENT CLUSTER
Request #1213097  United States of America Pennsylvania 25-09-2023
E9NN94214N09AA New.Holland GLASS
E9NN94214N09AA New.Holland GLASS
Request #1213022  Canada Alberta 25-09-2023
86001111 New.Holland SWITCH
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